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Arizona a tech hub?


The Valley isn’t exactly known for being a technological center of innovation. That could change if Rarity Investments president Tina Machado’s vision to make the area a growing tech center like Austin or Denver becomes a reality.

Machado doesn’t see why Arizona can’t be the launch pad for technological innovation. “Technology should be one of the things Arizona should be known for,” she says. “We have the land, we have the people. It will become another Seattle––minus the rain!”

Rarity Investments isn’t investing in Arizona tech only to make it happen—it’s also leading the way with their investment in Machado’s brainchild––CodeRed-I. CodeRed-I is an adaptive technology company that meets the mobile needs of entrepreneurs and business owners with custom apps to connect and engage with consumers. Since Machado put her team of talented techies together, CodeRed-I has quickly cornered the Valley’s app and gaming market from its company headquarters in the Valley. Learn more about Machado’s plan to create much-needed opportunity and growth here at home on page 40.

Switching gears, party planner extraordinaire Jamila Watson takes wedding planning seriously. In this issue, she offers up the hottest wedding trends showing up in the East Valley. From dresses and wedding gowns to colors and desserts and whatever suits your fancy in between, she shows you how to make your day extra-special, starting on page 36. matthew-sig

Now, on to what a lot of our readers have been waiting for––the East Valley cutest pet contestants! We were inundated with adorable pet photos in our second annual contest. Of course, we were bowled over by all the cuteness again this year, so it’s a good thing that it’s not up to us to decide the winner. Based on last year’s reader feedback, we tweaked some elements of the contest for the second go-around, although once again, it’s up to you to pick the pet that’ll get the star East Valley treatment that includes a professional photo shoot and a spot on our June/July cover along with a feature story and cool loot. To vote for your favorites, just follow the instructions starting on page 44.

Good luck to all the furry contestants!


Adam & Matthew Toren


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