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Back to School in the East Valley!


Every August, we’re left wondering, where did the summer go? Of course, it still feels like summer, at least as far as the scorching heat is concerned. Yet as our kids embark on a new school year this month, it’s time to bid adieu to languid evenings hanging out by the pool and instead brace for early-morning carpools. With this in mind, we bring you our back-to-school issue. This issue is full of tips and information to help make the transition to a fresh school year easier on students and parents alike.

But before we completely say adios to summer, dive into this issue and read about extreme East Valley teens and X Games athletes Alana Smith and Jagger Eaton. They are living on the edge and loving every minute of it! Both Guinness World Record holders––Alana is currently the youngest X Games medalist, and Jagger is the youngest X Games athlete––these kids show no fear performing amazing feats on their skateboards.


Reading about these fearless teens makes us feel a bit long in the tooth. Then again, as East Valley writer Shay Moser opines in her latest column, “age is just a number, and mine is unlisted.” She shares her 40-plus lifestyle lessons on page 41, along with offering up her local go-to spots to help curb bad health habits.

Learning is important at any age, of course, but it’s paramount for today’s youth, which is why this issue also offers up a sampling of some of the top schools in the area, on page 36. The East Valley is full of wonderful schools, and we tip our hats to not only the schools listed but also the many talented teachers and staff educating our youth across the area. Thank you!

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Adam & Matthew Toren


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